How safe is India?
Recent terrorist activities have shaken the people across the world. Several large and small Indian cities have been targeted. But the recent serial bomb blasts in Delhi raise the question, how safe is India?

Delhi blasts: List of injured admitted in AIIMS
AFTER JAIPUR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Surat, now Delhi, India’s capital, has witnessed the trauma of serial blasts. The five blasts, which went off at the most important spots of the city, have shaken all Indians. In recent times, serial blasts have become commonplace in the country. However, nothing has been done so far to bring terrorism under control. People are dying in large numbers in these blasts. After every blast it is suspected that the nasty act was carried out by the Students Islamic Movement of India and many other such terrorist outfits.

But the vital question that arises is what is being done to stop such terrorist activities. If we look at it minutely, then except condemning the act, nothing else is being done to stop this. Even after three months and a half of Jaipur blasts, the main culprit has not yet been traced. So is the case with the other blasts also.

Along with the administration, the people need to be alert and do something to save the motherland. And the important thing to be noted is that the blast always occurs in large cities. One after the other, all the large cities are being shaken by serial blasts. God knows how many more such blasts India and its citizens will witness. Strong action should be taken in this regard so that peace can be restored. Let’s hope for the best and pray together for the victims of these blasts.

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